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Company Manifesto

“It’s not what you know, it’s how you think”

Futuristic Thinking

Your ability to predict events and trends, and how they might impact our business and your professional development

Courageous Leadership

Be honest – Push past your comfort zone – Take action and know when to cut losses

Cognitive Flexibility

You are energized by change and adapt quickly to the unknown. You enjoy experimenting with new things and are able to consider multiple concepts simultaneously

Interpersonal Communication

It is not just about what you say or type, it’s also about active listening and being attuned to your surroundings

Emotional Intelligence

Ability to recognize, understand and manage not just your own emotions, but also those of others

Why Work With Us?

We practice equality with hiring and equitability with rewards.

Team members are empowered to define and achieve success.

We are a member of the Healthier Together Workplace program

Our community contribution is focused on healthy aging and people living with dementia.

Available Positions

Full Stack Developer
Web2 or Web3
Full Time
Alberta, Canada
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UI Designer
Enterprise Software
Full Time
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