Projects are the lifeblood of today's business

Today’s project-based businesses operate in a highly competitive market where winning bids, scoping work, retaining highly skilled people, and juggling contracts are significant challenges. 

 More and more companies today are transforming their business using service-oriented models. The best of these solutions modernize project operations by connecting teams across sales, project planning, and accounting, within a single app, to effectively manage projects and increase their profitability. 

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We help give your project managers the tools they need to succeed with embedded capabilities to improve collaboration, better serve customers and drive success with modern project delivery.

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Adaptive Project Delivery

Adaptive project delivery lifecycle management connects sales, project management, resourcing, finance, and leaders, unifying teams around actionable data, process governance, and measurable outcomes. 

Engage Customers

Best-practice processes
Ensure customer proposals include project plans and outline expected outcomes.
Perfect the sales to delivery hand-off by ensuring teams have access to the same project planning and scoping tools.
Connect people, teams, customers, and services to enable seamless sharing of ideas and collaborative development.
Use historically profitable project plans as templates for new customer proposals to increase sales productivity.
Create customer access portals and use AI chatbots to provide better, around-the-clock experiences for clients.
Provide visibility to customers on promised outcomes and timelines, then deliver on expectations.
Improve conversion rates through forecasting tools and pipeline visibility with detailed dashboards.
Provide project success metrics to all team members to keep service delivery on track and on budget.

Empower Employees

Best-practice processes
Ensure all stakeholders have visibility into the promised customer outcomes, project requirements, and timelines.
Keep everyone in the loop with collaboration tools, document management, and easily accessible knowledge bases.
Enable employees to get paid on time with simplified time and expense submissions that flow into accounting.
Enforce process governance to adhere to regulations and guidelines, especially around time and expense tracking.
Ensure workforce mobility with remote access to client, project, and scheduling details.
Work with familiar tools and apps that your teams are already using.

Optimize Resource Utilization

Best-practice processes
Match team member skillsets with project demands and identify skills gaps in resourcing for future projects.
Ensure your resourcing team has visibility into availability and tools for dynamic scheduling across projects and locations.
Achieve the right practice mix through skills demand and gap analysis that helps workforce planning.
Right-size pricing based on resource skills, geography, location or additional dimensions with multiple dimension pricing.

Optimize Operations

Best-practice processes
Think globally when planning operations and process governance, then deliver optimization locally.
Ensure time and expenses can be submitted and approved from anywhere at any time.
Provide your project teams with the ability to plan, manage, and measure the performance of each project.
Comply with published standards and practices through streamlined process flows and governance.
Optimize financial management to bill clients at the appropriate time and ensure timely revenue recognition.
Create standard financial indicators for projects and services, then provide visibility into metrics across all projects.
Ensure actuals flow into project accounting by including project management tools within the same financial system.

Modernize your project operations.

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Project-centric Benefits

Project Managers

Accelerate project delivery.
Drive success through enhanced project management capabilities.
Collaborate across the project lifecycle.

Resource Managers

Optimize resource utilization.
Match project demands with team member skill sets.
Anticipate resourcing needs with intelligent scheduling.

Finance Managers

Optimize profit margins.
Improve cash flow by accurately invoicing customers and managing payables.
Accurately track project spend and payables with invoicing and purchase order management.

Project Team Members

Increase project compliance with easy-to-use time and expense tracking tools.
Submit, approve, process, and reconcile time and expenses, from anywhere.
Quickly connect to the apps and services your team is already using.

Automation of business processes from prospect→project→profit.

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