The Name

The #1 question we get is "why Bison & Bird?"

There are a few reasons, but the most important is the relationship the two animals represent. They are complete opposites in every way, yet they function symbiotically with each other and the larger ecosystem.

We use the relationship between the bison and the bird as an analogy for working with our clients. Differences can be very powerful if both parties remain open to the possibilities.

Ryan Hopf

Chief Executive Officer

Experienced Chief Executive for several private & public organizations up to and including $400M in revenue and 1,500 employees. Prior to founding Bison & Bird, Ryan specialized in rebuilding struggling organizations by turning losses into profits during some of the most challenging market conditions. Particular focus on industries with multi-million dollar mega projects, complex supply chains, and highly technical project management and product development.

Partners and colleagues can expect Ryan to follow through on his commitments, own organizational mistakes, and bring passionate energy to the business. Never one to take himself too seriously, Ryan has made a lifelong commitment as a values-based leader and a curiosity for learning from those with different expertise.

Ian Tell

B.Sc. Chem
Chief Revenue Officer

25 years working in a sales leadership role with small, medium and multinational companies. Expert in increasing sales, developing talent and transforming companies into customer centric teams. Enhancing the sales processes and visibility by implementing digital tools to help track and increase sales success in highly competitive markets.

Colleagues that work with Ian will tell you he gets things done in a high energy, fun environment. Developing a culture of teamwork and open communication are important aspects to build trust and a successful business culture.

Our Passionate Team

BA, Grad DIP

Project Manager

B.Eng Computer Systems

BI, Data & Visualization


Head of Digital Transformation

2nd Yr Computer Science

Digital Administrator - Intern

BFA, MA Graphic Design

Digital Design Director

Next Great Team Member

This could be you!

What to Expect

We have real experience running businesses in the public and private sector. We understand and value "getting things done".

We don't judge or consult. We partner with clients who aren’t afraid to explore and change.

We don’t flog theory with fancy presentations. Instead, we execute and deliver a return on your investment.

We don't assume to know all the answers, so we ask the customer. Then work backwards to create immediate wins for your people and business.

We own our mistakes! No project or partnership is perfect but we are accountable from day one.

Our partners value our direct operational experience and how we incorporate their company culture to create meaningful improvements.
Let's Work Together!