Full Time

UI Designer

Enterprise Software
Boring resumes need not apply!
  1. Have you DESIGN, DEVELOPED & DELIVERED a compelling software product?
  2. Are you tired of being treated like a developer robot whose only mission is to work through a task list?
  3. Do you find yourself wanting more connection to the results of your work?
Well, Bison & Bird might be the place for you!!

We are a small team of executors in both the Web2 & Web3 space. Our people own their work and are part of the upside with clearly aligned incentives to rewards and job satisfaction.

Still interested?

This next step is easy...show us projects you have designed, developed and deployed. Use the chat to apply.

We are extremely interested in those who....
  • have tried, failed, and then tried again
  • choose courage over comfort
  • prefer getting into the arena over sitting in the cheap seats
Sound like a fit?

Great, show us your work by sharing links to your projects and/or portfolio. Use our chat function to apply in less than 5 minutes ↘︎↘︎↘︎↘︎↘︎