The world is changing

A whole new way to work

AI will break the world out of its stagnant productivity cycle – and set the stage for ​a new era of innovation.​

Lead the AI transformation by radically accelerating your organization's productivity with built-in AI. Differentiate from the competition with intelligent apps built on your secured data.

The age of AI

The age of AI

The pace of work is outpacing our ability to keep up​
AI-powered tools represent an enormous opportunity​

Modernize your project operations.

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Project-centric Benefits

Project Managers

Accelerate project delivery.
Drive success through enhanced project management capabilities.
Collaborate across the project lifecycle.

Resource Managers

Optimize resource utilization.
Match project demands with team member skill sets.
Anticipate resourcing needs with intelligent scheduling.

Finance Managers

Optimize profit margins.
Improve cash flow by accurately invoicing customers and managing payables.
Accurately track project spend and payables with invoicing and purchase order management.

Project Team Members

Increase project compliance with easy-to-use time and expense tracking tools.
Submit, approve, process, and reconcile time and expenses, from anywhere.
Quickly connect to the apps and services your team is already using.

Automation of business processes from prospect→project→profit.

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