Smart Workplaces
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m365 business premium

Simple, secure solutions.

Whether you’re adapting to remote work, trying new ways to serve your customers, or exploring different business models, Microsoft 365 for business can help you reach your goals.

Defend your business against advanced cyberthreats
Seamlessly work together across apps with real-time co-authoring
project operations

Effectively manage projects.

Modernize project operations by connecting teams across sales, project planning, and accounting, within a single app.

Deal management - simplify every aspect of project-based sales
Enhance visibility to oversee resources, accurately match employee skillsets with project demands
remote assist

Transform your field operations.

Transform your field operations by empowering frontline workers to resolve issues faster and improve customer experiences using AI, IoT, and mixed reality.​

Delight customers with personalized, connected experiences
Empower service teams, whether remote or onsite to collaborate

Consolidate your subscriptions and save up to 25%

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