Secure Productivity

Data Loss Prevention

Eliminate the need for on-premises infrastructure and agents.​
Balance protection and productivity with granular policy controls and manage all workloads from a single location.​
Take an integrated approach to data by leveraging native integration with data classification, user activity insights, and security incident management.​

Information Protection

Discover and classify data at scale using automation and machine-learning.​
Safeguard data throughout its lifecycle with labeling and encryption built into productivity tools.​
Extend protection across environments to help safeguard data wherever it lives.​

Insider Risk Management

Put privacy first by protecting user trust and building a holistic insider risk program with strong privacy controls.​
Simplify data security by identifying hidden risks with 100+ built-in and ready-to-use machine-learning models and indicators, requiring no endpoint agents.​
Accelerate and expedite mitigation with enriched investigations and Adaptive Protection that enforce effective controls dynamically.​

When it comes to securing data, there are a few questions we always ask our customers.

Take the Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take the data security assessment?

It’s a great solution when you want to:​

1) Evaluate how you are currently identifying and classifying sensitive data across your data estate.​​

2) Gain a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of your current data loss prevention strategy applications, services, and devices.​

3)Assess whether your current environment can stop egress and exfiltration of sensitive business information from employees.​

Our experts will guide you through a data security assessment to identify where there may be gaps or weaknesses in your data security strategy.

What business outcomes can I expect?

When you take the data security assessment, we’ll provide you with a detailed maturity level score across the following key security areas:​ Information Protection, Data Loss Prevention, and Insider Risk Management

I'm not familiar with the technical details so how can I complete the assessment?

Not to worry! Our experts will guide you through the data security assessment to identify where there may be gaps or weaknesses in your data security strategy.

This seems really complicated?

As a technology partner to businesses like yours, we want to let you know that implementing comprehensive data security strategies that meet today’s business challenges is easier than you think. Let us show you how with our data security assessment. You’ll see your current data security posture and get next steps on how to improve it.

What is Microsoft Purview?

Microsoft Purview delivers the various controls you need to create a comprehensive data security solution to help you better understand and mitigate your data security risks. As part of the solution, you can easily create a holistic, up-to-date map of your data landscape with automated data discovery and sensitive data classification. Available as a single platform, Microsoft Purview helps you govern and protect data across your multicloud, multiplatform data estates while meeting compliance regulations.​