Business Grants and Financing for Digital Adoption

CDAP Business Grants


Great Opportunity for Canadian Business to Digitally Transform

We're excited to announce that Bison & Bird has been accepted as a digital advisor for the $4 Billion Canada Digital Adoption Program. The team is very optimistic about this program because it provides Canadian small businesses with a business grant that can help them increase efficiency, grow revenues and reduce costs.

The program provides Canadian companies that qualify to receive 90% of the price (up to $15,000) for an approved digital advisor's adoption plan through a non-repayable BUSINESS GRANT. In addition, businesses with a digital adoption plan qualify for a $100,000 INTEREST-FREE loan.


Why is Digital Adoption so Important?

Adopting new technology can be a daunting task for any business, big or small. But it’s essential to remain competitive in today’s digital world. Customers expect companies to offer a seamless digital experience, and those that don’t will quickly fall behind. But digitization is about more than just offering a website or online store. To succeed in the digital age, businesses need to re-think every aspect of their operations and how technology can help them better serve their customers. From automating repetitive tasks to using data to make better decisions, there are endless possibilities for businesses that embrace digital transformation. The first step is to closely examine your business and identify areas where digitization can make a real difference. Once you’ve identified a few key areas, you can start researching the best technology solutions and develop an adoption plan. But don’t try to do everything at once – start small and build on your success as you go. Digital adoption is essential for businesses to remain competitive and relevant in today’s digital world. By taking the time to assess your needs and embrace new technology, you can stay ahead of the curve and keep your customers happy.

Federal Business Grants for Digital Transformation

The Canadian federal government has launched this 3-year initiative to boost Canadian businesses. The goal is to invest in companies committed to digital transformation to help them grow and spur economic growth. Although the government provides various programs and services for businesses across the country, the Canada Digital Adoption Program offers non-repayable grants up to $15,000 and interest-free loans up to $100,000. The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) will administer the loan applications and approvals for companies that have successfully submitted a digital adoption plan from an approved digital advisor.

CDAP Business Grant FAQs

What types of projects qualify for CDAP business grants?

Any business process that technology can help optimize qualifies. Examples include CRM, ERP, accounting, operations, digital media, data, spreadsheets, forms, workflows, approvals, supply chain & logistics, manufacturing, and more!

When should your business apply?

The grant program is first-come, first-serve, so our advice is that the sooner, the better. Approved applications have nine months to claim their grant.

Why are business grants only awarded if an approved digital advisor builds the plan?

Only approved digital advisors from the CDAP marketplace are eligible to complete digital adoption plans for companies seeking a grant under the program. Bison & Bird is one of several digital advisors listed in the market.

How complicated is the grant application?

Very simple! Everything is done online, including approval, and shouldn't take more than 30-45 minutes.

Where can I apply? 

Right here ↘︎

Apply Now

I have some questions; who can I speak with regarding the grant program?

You have a couple of options:

Finding the Right Digital Advisor

Businesses looking to digitally transform should seek the assistance of an experienced digital advisor with a wide range of industry experience. Ideally, you want a team who has operated businesses, been involved in digital transformations and can provide you with best practice approaches and lessons learned. They should also have a network of technology and service providers to get the right solution for your business. A digital advisor can help you assess your business and technology needs and develop a roadmap for your digital transformation. They can also help you implement and manage the change, ensuring you realize your investment's benefits.