October Baseball: Crunch Time, Celebrations, and Loss

Go, Blue Jays, Go!

I am a huge Blue Jays fan and will take any excuse to talk about the Blue Jays. Unfortunately, the Blue Jays played two disappointing games and are now out of the playoffs. If you are a Blue Jays fan, you are likely still reeling from the weekend and can't believe what happened. Although this article won't help you process your emotions on the Blue Jay's loss, we can try and take something from it. At Bison & Bird, we also like to talk about the lessons we can take from everyday situations; October baseball has some great learning opportunities. In this article, we will explore the MLB as a whole. As the season ends on low notes for many teams and will end on the highest note for one, there are many great things we can reflect on at the end of a long season.

Grinding Through a Long Season Is a Cause for Celebration

The Blue Jays and all the other MLB teams have been working every day, playing games, working out, and putting their bodies to the test for the last 184 days. After all that, they made the postseason and secured the top wild-card spot as the second-best team in the American League East. After 162 games, being able to accomplish something as a top-12 team is impressive. Some people are giving them a hard time for spraying around champagne and having a party to celebrate their feat. Whatever your feelings on this, it is good to acknowledge and appreciate the things you have worked through whenever they happen. For instance, that project you've been working on, the code you've been troubleshooting, and the marketing plan you've been executing are good to remember that the journey is something to celebrate. Win or lose, or whatever the future holds, you can hang your hat on anything you work hard on.

Loss Means a Chance to Re-evaluate

Most of the attention of baseball fans will be on the postseason right now. The teams that succeeded throughout the year. At the same time, there is a lot to talk about with the teams that didn't succeed. There will be pros and cons that each team can take out of their season about the things they did right and wrong. That is the point; evaluation. If we never self-reflect about how to improve, the likelihood is that we will not improve. Winning teams must also evaluate their season, but the problem's immediacy is further down the road. As teams have losing seasons, they must take the opportunity to go next level. The same can be said about the workplace. It is never the wrong time to evaluate the things in your business that are going right and what has gotten you to this point. This also goes for the things that have gone wrong and how you can change the next stage in your favor. Evaluating is especially valuable at the end of your season when the information is available. The Blue Jays for example, now with their season over

Eyes on the Prize

In the MLB, the World Series is the goal. To win the World Series championship is every ballplayer's dream. The goal is obvious. In the business world, the goal may not be obvious. There are obvious ones as a business, such as making more money, hiring more people, and making a better product. There are also more complex goals that a company has. Over time these goals shift and change. After a long season or project, it is good to realign on the goals that the business shares so you can win your World Series when you get rolling again.

Making Fewer Mistakes Usually Means More Than Homeruns

In the playoffs, the margin for error goes down exponentially. In the wild card series losing two games means you are out of the playoffs. Classically, the wild card was one game, so to stay in, you would have to win one game at all costs. A big play can shift momentum in your favour, like a home run. At the same time, a costly mistake can put you down in the hole and cause you to lose momentum. Although that homerun in your business is valuable. Not losing momentum is just as important, if not more. Limiting mistakes limits opportunities for others to capitalize; it keeps you in the game. Give yourself a chance to win. Don't lose it swinging for the fences.

Teams Win Championships, Not Individuals

Individuals are what makeup teams. But baseball, possibly more than any other sport, needs multiple people working in tandem on almost every play. The pitcher has to throw to the catcher. Then if the ball is put into play, a fielder has to make a play. To win a championship, you need a team working well together to achieve results. Always remember that your team is what gets you to the World Series. You can't do it all on your own.

October baseball means there is a championship on the horizon. It takes a lot of work and effort to win. Remember to celebrate it, re-evaluate how you got to this point, refocus your goals, and remember that you can't win alone. With these things in mind, you can win your World Series.

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